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Congratulations! You're a member of Arizona's newest Credit Union!


We're so excited to present our new name, refreshed brand, and continued drive for excellence in service to Arizona families! After the merger of Canyon State Credit Union and Deer Valley Credit Union in 2019 and our newest addition, Southwest Healthcare Credit Union who joined us in June, we felt it only appropriate to symbolize this unity by clarifying our joint mission, vision and values as a newly branded financial institution.


At the heart of our brand remains families, yours, ours and the families that make up our great communities. Our vision and mission revolve around families and enabling them to elevate their financial strength through every season of life.


We believe that financial strength through financial empowerment leads to financial prosperity.



VISION: Our vision is to elevate the financial strength of Arizona families through every season of life.

MISSION: Our mission is to enable our member-families to achieve financial prosperity.



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Copper State Credit Union Values

Our new name was chosen for many reasons. As it is our goal to strengthen Arizona families through financial empowerment, it made sense that our name included an element like copper. Copper is a tough, strong metal. It symbolizes ongoing strength for our members. It's from that symbolism of strength that we derived our values.


Our Values

Our values will serve as the Copper State Credit Union guiding light to provide the very best products, services, and service to our member-families and communities.

FAMILY First and foremost, we value family. Our Copper State Credit Union family of employees, the member-families we serve and the families in our communities.

EMPOWERMENT We value empowerment. We strive to empower our members with financial education, knowledge and tools to help them reach
their goals. We also strive to empower our employees, giving them the tools they need to reach their career and personal growth goals.

DISCOVERY We value discovery. We embrace a culture of curiosity and innovation. We encourage our members along with our employees to be
courageous and forthcoming with new ideas.

EXCITEMENT We value excitement. We aspire to make finances a positive and exciting experience for our member-families as well as our employees so everyone has a shared excitement to be part of our credit union.

Copper Is



What will change with the new name?

You will begin to see our new name, logo, colors and overall look-and-feel next week. It will take some time before every branded touch point is updated. With regards to your accounts:

  • CHECKS: You may continue to use checks with Canyon State Credit Union, Deer Valley Credit Union and Southwest Healthcare Credit Union names on them. They will continue to be accepted and honored.
  • CARDS: New cards with the new name and logo will be issued during the next several months. You may continue to use your existing cards and further information will be shared with more details.
  • ACCOUNTS: Separate from the name change, there will be some account changes due to the merging of our operating systems and vendor systems at the end of July. Communication regarding any applicable membership and account changes due to the merging of our operating systems will be sent via email and/or USPS mail. 



If you have questions regarding your accounts please contact us using the contact us form or call 623.580.6000